From May 17 to 26, 2024, as you may know, in the summer of 2024, Paris will host the Olympic Games for the first time in a hundred years. As a nod to this exciting and extraordinary undertaking, the Floralies Internationales – France will explore the theme of “Flower games” through five categories: water games, chilhood games, intellectual games, garden games and physical games.

Many variations, sources of creativity and emulation for our professional, amateur and institutional partners from all over the world, invited to present their know-how and to participate in an astounding scenery. To sublimate this original and playful symbolism, a natural setting and large spaces are needed to give their full dimension to the artistic, ornamental and floral scenography.

In order to honor the symbolism of our new theme’s origin, the Floralies Internationales – Nantes Committee realized the 2024 show would require a natural setting of expansive spaces to provide dimension to the ornamental and floral exhibits. Looking boldly to the future, the Committee decided to choose The « Domaine de la Chabotterie » situated just south of Nantes in the Vendée department. The 13th edition of the Floralies Internationales – France, an incredible adventure for all, will undoubtedly flourish in perfect harmony with nature in its new idyllic setting, one replete with unusual and undeniable charm.

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Become an ornamental exhibitor

Every five years since 1956, over 200 exhibitors, both professionnals in the plant & flower industry (growers, landscapers, florists, designers, etc.) or amateurs from France or abroad, are selected for their know-how and invited to elaborate a scenery inspired by the upcoming Floralies - France theme.

You have a common passion for horticulture, landscape architecture and botanics and you are  interested in showing your professionalism and demonstrating your passion and "know-how" during the International Floralies - France 2024 ?

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In order to facilitate the realization of your stand, the local horticultural and floricultural nurseries can provide you with plants that you request (preferential rates for delivery on-site -  small and large plants - perennials plants - annual plants - vegetable plants - flowering plants, etc.).
Send your list to the Comité des Floralies - Nantes, you will be contacted by the professionals in charge of your registration.

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Become a commercial exhibitor

Each exhibition attracts over 200 exhibitors from France or abroad. Over the years, the visitors make this exhibition the number one of the french floral shows and one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Commercial exhibitors, you would like to take advantage of the unique appeal of the International Floralies - France 2024 ?

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Every single edition of the International Floralies – France not only attracts a very large audience, but also generates interest from the media.

The 2019 edition summed up in figures:

  • Hundreds of thousands of visitors in 12 days
  • Direct economic spinoffs 
  • Over 1,500 press articles published (local and national newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Plenty radio and TV reports

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The International Floralies - France have always attracted so many visitors and participants. Each exhibition represents some undeniable impacts for the tourism and the economy in Nantes, its region and the entire profession.

Media are aware of this growing success and have so many subjects to talk about. The event, whick takes place every five years, is long awaited and mobilizes all the partners.

You would like to become a partner and associate your image to the International Floralies - France 2024 ?

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